13 04 2011

I created the Home page and Location page for a website about Seashells. I also created a photo gallery and just did a screen shot of it. This was a lot of fun and I will put a lot more time into this as it will be come a future website for my “ArtSea Treasures” that I am developing.




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16 04 2011

Nice! I think your color choice is great for the idea you are developing. I absolutely love the “Beach” picture on the location page.

18 04 2011
Franchesca Day


18 04 2011

definitely has a beach vibe to it. nice work!

18 04 2011

I really like the beach theme. Good work.

20 04 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

Love it – I’m ready to go hit up the beach!

20 04 2011

Nice job

20 04 2011

I love how much you stick with the whole beach concept. I love the layout of this. Really great job.

21 04 2011
Courtney Conover

Looks great already! Would be interesting to see what improvements you make!

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