29 03 2011

This assignment was not that easy. I think I did quite well making the palm tree look good – which I thought was going to be the hardest part. But, I wasn’t able to get the water and shadow to look very good. Anyone have any ideas as to what to do with those? All in all – for the first time – it’s not too bad….


LARGER view of BEFORE photo






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30 03 2011
Courtney Conover

Still looks amazing to me! I agree, this is a hard project. I’m stumbling pretty good with mine! Shadow doesn’t look to bad. Great first attempt!

2 04 2011

The palm tree turned out really great. Good work.

3 04 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

That looks good! (:

4 04 2011

The palm tree leaves look really styalized and awesome, and it’s impressive that you managed to tackle the background, as well. The only thing that looks a little wonky to me is the tree trunk; It could probably use some sort of transitional gradient from grey to black.

4 04 2011
Franchesca Day

I think you need one or two more colors running through the trunk and the water. But everything else looks fantastic.

4 04 2011
Lisa V

Personally I like how you made the water, you have different layers that built up good. Like Brad said, it’s a very stylized approach, I like it!

5 04 2011

I really like the water, but I think the tree could have used some more shading

5 04 2011

I think you did fabulous on the palm trees. Nice job! You spent a lot of time on that!

5 04 2011

For a second I didn’t even realize the last photo was the actual project cos it looked so realistic. Great work!

6 04 2011

I agree with Dany. I had a hard time seeing it as a vector at first. The trunk looks a little off to me, but the leaves of the tree look really cool.

18 04 2011

looks pretty good! looks like you spent some time on it

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