20 03 2011

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23 03 2011

These all turned out really nice. I like the photos you choose for the Tulum one. The Florida Beaches one is nice but a little difficult to read. Good work.

24 03 2011

All came out really cool. Nicely done!

24 03 2011

I agree with Sarah. I like the Tulum one best… the Florida Beaches one is kind of difficult to read.

24 03 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

Agree with the ladies above, beach is a bit hard to read.
Everything else looks good!

29 03 2011

I love the Tulum image…Such a wonderful place!!
I think maybe the Florida one could use a different color for the stroke…

30 03 2011
Courtney Conover

great job on your text art. I love the Florida beach one! I like the image of the beach water you used. Very appropriate.

4 04 2011

I agree with the suggestion about “Florida” having a slightly different stroke; A different color might make it a little more readable. But regardless, the photo mask and the reflection on the water work really well together!

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