20 03 2011





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23 03 2011

This is a charming picture. It looks like it is still at a bit of an angle but you did a good job fixing up the little details.

24 03 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

Nice work. I would have used the lens correction tool or crop to straighten it out, but it looks good other than that!

29 03 2011

Really great picture! Great job, I would have to agree. Next time you may want to crop it a little more even; but nice crack at it 😀

29 03 2011

I like the picture. Very cute!
I think I would have added a levels adjustment…brought the blacks up a bit. Also…maybe get rid of the color cast.
The hardest part about doing this assignment is all the stuff we think of AFTER we post it…

30 03 2011
Courtney Conover

nice job on the restoration. Still looks a little crooked but not a big deal.

30 03 2011

I agree with Jill… I think a levels and color cast correction might be a good idea. Very cute picture though!

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