Week #5 – Web Advertisement

26 02 2011

This was actually a hard assignment for me.  I love graphic design & illustration, however, everything I do is based around landscaping, travel, the tropics, beach, etc….  So, I find it hard to be creative about something like this.

I got the idea from my daughter – the shower step for shaving.  It’s actually somewhat of a great idea.  I spent many hours trying to get this to look good, I had a hard time getting the foot to look “real” – as if it were a part of the picture.

I’m anxious to see everyone elses final project!

These are the photos that I used for this advertisement:


A couple of screenshots:





13 responses

26 02 2011
Courtney Conover

You did a great job!! I think the ad itself could have a little more color or something to make it look a little more “sexy” as you describe the product! Just a suggestion.

26 02 2011

Courtney – thanks for the input! I agree with you…. like I said – I have a really hard trying to be creative when it’s outside of travel, the tropics, etc…. but, I think I may go back and add some “sexiness” to it! Just to see what I can do with it 🙂 Thanks!

26 02 2011

Love it. Gah, this would be so useful in the shower! Ha. I agree with Courtney on the colour idea. Would definitely add to the “sexy” vibe you’re going for with your product! (:

26 02 2011

You should probably send in the idea to a company. I bet a lot of woman would use it. the image looks great and I feel it could be in a magazine or something.

26 02 2011

I think you did pretty well… I especially like the color options at the bottom… I’d like to order a pink one please!

27 02 2011

Seriously – this could be a real product!!
Great looking ad…I love it all!! Espescially the Retro look of the shower background. Very nice!

27 02 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

This definitely made me laugh, cheesey like all ads. Great work! I love the word choice!

1 03 2011

oh i SURELy will buy that product!.. it seem more easier to done that.. and i think you had done wonderful by picking these and blend them into one AD.. awesome

1 03 2011

This is a really inventive idea for a chessy-kinda product. I think you have the same problem I had with integrating some of the typography into the ad; The drop shadows on the text are so close to the color of the text itself that it makes the words are little difficult to read.

5 03 2011

It’s great that you really included everything. I love the price & little website down at the bottom. Great job!

7 03 2011

This turned out good. My only complaint is the texted that is tilted to the left. I’d like to see it straight.

9 03 2011

Awesome photo! I found it a bit busy though. Good Idea, I could most definitely use this product. haha

24 03 2011
Lisa V

This does look like a real ad, great job, and great idea!
I’m with Greg with the bottom paragraph, the slant kinda doesn’t go with any other angles.

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