17 02 2011




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17 02 2011

I like your take on this project. You’ve made it very personal and it’s really well done. I like how the top banner blends in with the background of the photo. Nicely done!

18 02 2011

I also like the banner on the top!

18 02 2011
Tawnie Anneliese

Looks great, but the angles of the two outer small photo’s is a bit awkward to me. Maybe it’s just my eye…I’m very particular! The banner blends in really well!

18 02 2011
Courtney Conover

I love this layout. Uses the whole picture! The banner is fun too.

19 02 2011
Lisa V

I like the layout of this senior pic, the only thing that I have mixed feeling with is the banner. The angle seems wrong, maybe it if was a horizontal or vertical? It just feels like it is battling the grain of the wood behind her. However the angle of the pics on the right and left bottom work great, I think they compliment each other. Really like that part of the pic!

19 02 2011

I liked that you used all the pictures and worked them together so well. It is nice that you did something a little different with the “Class of 2011” part. It is a great texture without being over powering.

20 02 2011

I like the texture on the biggest photo. The little pictures at the bottom remind me of an opening for a play. its saying to me “whoa! and here she is ladies and gentleman!” Nice banner touch on the corner.

21 02 2011

I like it. I also love the texture on the biggest photos. nice job

1 03 2011

I like the layout you chose for this project, but I think the two pictures on either side of the landscape photograph might be a little too dark.

7 03 2011

The glow on the text is a nice touch

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