3 02 2011




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3 02 2011

what colors did you change? and maybe I’m too young to know, but what is the thing in the middle of the calculator?

3 02 2011

I love it…overlaying the two images. Very nice!

3 02 2011

Very cool, it’d be awesome to see both the before images you used so I could get a feel for what all changed!

3 02 2011
Lisa V

I believe it’s an old accounting machine. You would punch the keys to get totals, it looks like it’s overlayed on a modern calculator.

Nice concept, very funky and retro’ish

3 02 2011

You ended up with a really interesting composition. It looks nice.

3 02 2011

At first I didn’t even realize that was a calculator overlay! Nicely done.

4 02 2011
vicky's designs

I like the overlapping of the two images. Good job!

4 02 2011

Nice with the overlaying but did you take the picture yourself or did you get them from the internet?

4 02 2011

Very nice work with the overlay. I am not sure what colors changed. Can you post the orignals.

4 02 2011
Franchesca Day

Cool. What did the original image look like?

4 02 2011

This definitely has the feel of a professionally done promotional item.

4 02 2011

Interesting idea! but i like it!

5 02 2011

liked it

9 02 2011
Courtney Conover

Very interesting image. Looks like you worked a lot with the color and blending tools. I would also like to see the before picture. Seeing the transition is always fun. Great work!

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